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Research Work

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#research #ML #DL #machine-learning #deep-learning #Computer Vision #NLP #AI

I’ve been involved in expanding my knowledge through research as well. Some works (might be published sometime) are:

  • Detecting extremist reviewers in online review sites. Working with Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty @ LCS2 Lab, IIIT-Delhi
  • Detecting Deception in videos through multiple modalities. Working with Dr. Mayank Vatsa @ IAB Lab, IIIT-Delhi
  • Detecting hyperpartisan news. Task at SemEval 2019 @ NAACL.
  • Constructing Universal EEG-Encodings. Team project under Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah @ MIDAS Lab, IIIT-Delhi.


I am an Undergrad at IIIT-Delhi pursuing B.Tech in CSE. I am an enthusiastic programmer and love to participate in Hackathons / CTF's / Programming contests etc. I prefer building things that solve some problem. I also am a nature lover and love star gazing.