Hello there,
I am Viresh Gupta. Welcome to my webspace.
I am an enthusiastic programmer, exploring all things that I come across. Occasionaly I write some geek stuff on my Blog.


B.Tech in Computer Science
IIIT-Delhi, (2016-2020)

High School
PCM+CS Student
Salwan Public School, (till 2016)

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Adobe, 2019

Deep Learning Intern

LCS2 Lab and IAB Lab, 2018 - Current

Undergraduate Researcher

Byld, 2018 - Current

Head of Software Development Society @ IIIT-D

coala, 2018 - Current

Maintainer, coala-antlr


IAB Lab and CVPR-CVCOPS, 2019

Workshop paper at CVPR

MIDAS Lab, 2019

Short paper at BigMM


Publication at SemEval

Google, coala, 2018

Google Summer of Code 2018 student

IIIT-Delhi, 2017, 2019

Dean’s list award for Innovation in Research and Development

IIIT-Delhi, 2017, 2018, 2019

Dean's List award for academic excellence

IARCS, 2016

Honourable mention in Indian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI), gateway to IOI.

IMU, 2016

AIR 1 amongst ~15000 students in Indian Maritime University Examination

Geological Society of India (GSI), 2014

Finalist (top 20 from all over india) in Indian National Earth Science Olympiad, gateway to IESO.


If you like my work / have any feedbacks / want to work with me / want some help, feel free to drop an email.